CEO, Veritas Genetics, USA

Mirza Cifric is a serial life science entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Veritas Genetics. 

Previously, he was CEO of AbVitro Inc. which he founded together with Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School based on technology developed at the Church lab. He also served as CEO of Solmap Pharma, which was sold to FORMA Therapeutics in 2008. While at FORMA, he was Head of Corporate Development for the international oncology leader with offices in US and Singapore.

Mirza founded Veritas Genetics together with Dr. Church, Dr. Preston Estep III of Harvard Personal Genome Project, Dr. Joseph Thakuria also of Harvard PGP and Massachusetts General Hospital and Dr. Jonathan Zhao.

Veritas is a global pioneer dedicated to the idea that knowledge of genomic information can lead to disease prevention, ultimately maximizing the human longevity. Veritas is based in US-Boston, Europe-Luxembourg and Asia-Shanghai.