Professor and Director of Center for Healthy Aging and Development Study, Peking University, China

Yi Zeng is a tenured Professor at the Center for Study of Aging and Human Development and Geriatric Division/Department of Medicine of Medical School, and Director of Center for Chinese Population and Socioeconomic Studies, Duke University. He is also a Professor at the China Center for Economic Research of National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University (PKU), Chief Scientist of Ruiyi Institute for Advanced Studies at NSD/PKU and Director of Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies at Peking University. He is Distinguished Research Scholar of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) in Germany, and a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received his doctoral degree with Summa Cum Laude from Brussels Free University in May 1986. He conducted post-doctoral study at Princeton University in 1986-87. Up to Feb. 26, 2016, he has had 147 professional articles written in English published internationally in academic journals or as book chapters; among them, 107 articles were published in anonymously peer-reviewed academic journals. He has had 133 professional articles written in Chinese and published in China; among them, 102 articles were published in peer-reviewed Chinese academic journals. He has published twenty-five academic books, including ten books written in English (including four books published by Springer Publisher, one book by the University of Wisconsin Press and one book by Oxford EOLSS Publishers Co.Ltd).  He has published 8 articles related to demographics, socioeconomics and policy issues at public media and he submitted 40 policy reports which were widely distributed to the policy makers by the relevant governmental or applied research institutions. 

Yi Zeng has been awarded three international academic prizes and eleven national academic prizes, such as: the Dorothy Thomas Prize of the Population Association of America, the Harold D. Lasswell Prize in Policy Science awarded by the international journal Policy Sciences and Kluwer Academic Publishers, the 2011 Paper of the Year Award of American Journal of Public Health, the national prizes for advancement of science and technology awarded by the State Sciences and Technology Commission of China and the State Education Commission, the highest academic honor of Peking University: "Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Sciences," and the “Chinese Population Prize (Science and Technology)”, jointly awarded by nine ministries and seven national non-governmental associations in China.  According to the search report by Duke University Library (mainly based on Google Scholar database), up to Feb. Feb. 26, 2016, Yi Zeng’s articles and books have been cited by a grand total of 6,024 times in other scholars’ publications, his h-index (all) is 40 and i10-index (all) is 123; since 2011, Yi Zeng’s articles and books have been cited by 2,739 times in other scholars’ publications, his h-index (since 2011) is 26 and i10-index (since 2011) is 80. Yi Zeng was one of the authors of “High Impact Papers” worldwide in the period of 1981 -1998, as announced by International Scientific Institute (ISI) in September, 2000.