President, Broadland Advisors, USA

Lucas DiLeo is President of Broadland Advisors, a venture development and management consulting firm based in Boston, USA. Broadland works with companies and investors around the world to startup new businesses, advise on product development and marketing strategies, and establish partnerships.

Lucas serves as an advisor to genomics firms in China. He works with investment companies on tech commercialization projects. Lucas advises start-ups pursuing ventures in personalized health, cancer diagnostics, digital health services and synthetic biology. He also works with Boston area universities to establish China initiatives and recruit corporate partners.

Lucass interests are personalized health, the use of data to innovate healthcare, and the integration of digital devices into health management. He is helping to found a research study on aging and chronic disease in China and a project to apply digital technologies to elder care in Hong Kong.

Lucas brings over twenty five years of experience starting-up companies, advising technology startups and managing business ventures in the US, EU and Asia. He has developed projects with leading investment, info technology, life sciences and entertainment companies. Lucas is a member of MITs Venture Mentoring Service that advises the universitys startups.