Manyuan LONG

Edna K. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor, the University of Chicago, USA

Dr. Manyuan Long is currently Edna K. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, in its Department of Ecology and Evolution. He joined Chicago in 1997, after completing his postdoctoral training at Harvard University during 1993-1997. He received his PhD in genetics and evolution in 1992 from the University of California at Davis. In his undergraduate period, he received early training in population genetics and crop plants in Sichuan Agricultural University in the mid-1980s. In his early scientific career in the early 1990, he found and pursued a general problem in evolution and genetics: How does a new gene originate in organism? He has examined major issues from this problem including the mechanisms, rates, patterns, forces and phenotypic effects. More interesting and tough scientific questions have been identified and investigated, as recorded in ~150 research reports, commentaries and reviews in high-profile scientific magazines and competitive specific journals. These discoveries have also shaped new chapters in textbooks in the related fields, having become attractive to biologists of more broad and diverse areas and non-science audiences of various popular science and regular news-media. He won numerous prizes and awards in USA e.g. Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, NSF CAEEER awards and AAAS fellow. He have contributed to editorial service for influential journals e.g. PNAS, PLoS Biology, EMBO Reports and Genetics and to administrative service to related major academic societies such as the international Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution and the Genetics Society of America. He also has contributed academic service to major institutes of science and education in related fields, e.g. as an oversea review expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a visiting professor to the National Institute of Genetics in Japan, and a Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor in Peking University.