Michael J. MORGAN

Retired Chief Executive of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, UK

Michael joined the Wellcome Trust in 1983 and was director of Research Partnerships & Ventures and chief executive of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Cambridge. 

He was responsible for development of new enterprises such as DIAMOND, a new third generation synchrotron built in partnership with the UK government; the SNPs Consortium (TSC), a partnership of the Trust and 12 private companies, and the Structural Genomics Consortium. He played a major role in the international coordination of the human genome project from 1994 until his retirement from the Trust in 2002. All of these ventures release their data based on the Bermuda Principles founded by Michael and colleagues in 1996: data are released via the internet into the public domain as early as possible and with no restrictions on their use. 

Michael was Chief Scientific Officer of Genome Canada from 2006 to 2009 where he instituted a newconsultative process to determine strategic priorities for Canadian government investments in genomic, proteomic, and allied research programmes.  He retired in 2009. 

Michael served as a Trustee of the Institute of Cancer Research, the Scottish Crop Research Institute and the Transatlantic Harkness Foundation. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, and obtained his PhD (in Biochemistry) from Leicester University.