Conference Address: China National GeneBank, Jinsha Road, Dapeng District, Shenzhen, China(Chinese: 深圳市大鹏新区金沙路国家基因库)


This year’s ICG-11 venue is the brand new China National GeneBank (CNGB), located in the Dapeng Peninsula, which is known as the Natural Garden of Shenzhen with over 76% of the land covered by forest.

CNGB is an integrated biospecimen repository and genetic information database to systematically "Store, Decode, Interpret, Write, and Use" genetic data. CNGB represents a new generation of a genetic resource repository, bioinformatics database, knowledge database and tool library, with both traceable physical samples and practical bioinformatics data. It aims to create a network to foster global collaboration and communication, and to promote innovation in the international economy.

CNGB’s Phase I site is 47,500 m2, and was designed to blend in to the beautiful natural environmental elements. The site includes a peach garden, a terrace, a rock hill, a roof garden and a vertical eco-facade, with a functional industrial design, to achieve a green and carbon-neutral eco-architecture.



 Map of Shenzhen



Map of the China National GeneBank and the Three Recommended Hotels 



China National GeneBank



 Multi-function Hall in China National GeneBank



 Conference Room in China National GeneBank



 Canteen in China National GeneBank